Our Enrich Living Services Story.

We started Enrich Living Services after decades in the industry hearing what our clients wanted from their Home Care Package Provider.

We saw more and more people choosing to stay at home as they got older. For most of us though, an independent home life is about so much more than just having our care needs met.

Our clients told us that it was important to feel a sense of belonging, control, to give back to friends, family and the community, to thrive socially and to occupy their lives with meaningful interactions to live fulfilling and independent lives. So, the idea of ‘living services’ was born.

Enrich Living Services is focused on helping individuals, families and couples when and where it matters. Personalising living services to support meaningful, rewarding, healthy and inspired lives at home.

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Our Team.

The Enrich Living Services team is made up of a variety of skilled and passionate aged care and health professionals who share one vision – to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. Click on a team member’s photo to learn more about them.

With a proven track record of offering professional care for older Australians nationally, you’re in highly experienced hands with us.

What inspires us most is hearing from our clients, listening to what really matters to them, and using that knowledge to support them to live happier, more fulfilled lives at home.

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Why join Enrich?

Learn the 4 key differences that set us apart from the rest.

Why join Enrich?

Learn the 4 key differences that set us apart from the rest.

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Our clients have their say!

What is life like with Enrich Living Services?

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Admin Team Leader

I work with a wonderful team who each work hard to build great relationships with our clients and help them to arrange the right services for their individual needs.

I was an Office Manager with a 15-year career in Administration prior to re-training, becoming a support worker and starting a new career in Aged Care, as I was seeking more fulfilment from my career.


HCP Administrator

My heart lies in being a vital part of the Care Team, relishing conversations with clients, and assisting them with their daily needs. Beyond work, you’ll find me basking in sunshine on walks, savouring moments with family and friends.

Life is all about meaningful connections, and I’m thrilled to blend my professional and personal passions in this exciting team.


CHSP Administrator

I’ve worked in aged care and disability, specialising in customer service. Nothing beats the satisfaction of helping people and hearing about their achievements.

Outside of work, I thrive on relaxation and rejuvenation – finding that sweet spot between a dynamic career and personal well-being.


Programs Administrator

Working in this fantastic office with an amazing team is the best part of my job. I love connecting with people from all walks of life—it’s what makes my day. I do what I do because helping older Australians means a lot to me; they’ve got so much to teach us.

A perfect day, for me, is spending time with loved ones, enjoying good food, and sharing music together. It’s these simple moments of connection and harmony that make life truly special.

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